Music @ Met Presents the Second Annual Betty Owens Concert

7:00 p.m. - Saturday February 11, 2012

Please join Irena Welhasch Baerg and An Assortment of Friends as Music @ Met presents an evening of Operatic Poems, Prayers and Love Songs. Generously sponsored by Ron Koudys Architects.

The Acoustic Blend Communication

This is a little late coming out but better late than never. Our end of the season evening was a huge hit. It opened with a newly formed A Capella group "Vine Tuned" who set the bar pretty high, for a newly formed group. They consist of Sopranos, Altos , Tenors and Basses and they covered a nice range of musical styles from Madrigals to Jazz. Keep your eye on these guys, you might start seeing them around as they continue to grow.

The true masters of the evening, 4 Over 40, took the stage right after and continued to raise the bar even higher and as the evening went on they brought the house down. Truly well balanced in the blending of their voices and very well crafted in their presentation. They were engaging with the audience often having them in stiches and other times delivering tender songs with such sweet harmonies that you cold hear a pin drop. Even though 4 Over 40 is relatively new themselves they have clearly spent dedicated hours to crafting their skill and will only continue to get better. Their performance finished to a strong standing ovation.

Again the open mic segment filled out with strong talented musicians that kept the energy level high and the audience thoroughly entertained. It's great to see such wonderful musicianship right in our own backyard.

To top the evening off we had a our largest crowd yet at 115 people. We hope to keep this going into our next season starting on September 17. Our seson for next year is very strong and looks like this:

Sept.17 - Version Thereof (Covers)
Oct. 15- Shawn Trotter (mix of many styles)
Nov.12 - Alfie Smith (Blues)
Jan, 21- Hometown Bluegrass
Feb.18 - Andre and the J-Tones (Motown)
Mar. 17- Tery McBain (Scotish/Irish)
Apr.14 - Emily Kemp (Jazz)
May 12- Jason Hales and guests (Musical Theatre/Opera)

A big thank you to everyone who helped out this year. The Acoustic Blend Cafe is run totally on volunteer help and could not possibly run without it. Please continue to support ABC, it's volunteers, and especially the professional level homegrown talent that continue to bring us great inspiring performances month after month.

The Acoustic Blend Cafe, affectionately known as ABC, helps to promote local performers and businesses. It also provides a welcoming gathering place for people to enjoy great music, delicious food and drink, and lots of camaraderie. Each event has a feature performer. After the feature there is an open mic for any one who wants an opportunity to perform. It can be anything you wish - comedy, story telling, singing, instrumental or whatever. Come on out and show us your stuff. Whether its brand new or you've been performing it for years we'd love to hear it. Its a great way to work out your jitters or practice strutting your stuff in front of a very friendly and welcoming crowd. After all its about helping to promote performers and those that are up and coming. The season for ABC runs from September to May.

So don't be shy. Bring a friend or three and come out next season to hear some truly amazing home grown talent or to do some performing yourself at our open mics.

It's always a good time at The Acoustic Bend Cafe!

Doors Open: 7:30PM
Fee: $10
Location: 86 Homewood Ave. , Hamilton ON
(corner of Locke St. and Homewood Ave.)
Parking lot on Stanley Ave.
Phone: 905-522-1323

"Jason is a talented vocalist and musician with a friendly disposition and a great smile. When the harpist for my wedding cancelled THREE DAYS before the big day, Jason stepped in and calmed my frazzled nerves. He helped me choose my musical selections, found a musician to accompany him and awed everyone with his strong voice and muscial repretoire. He even shared the limelight with me and my bridesmaids as we tortured the crowd with our rendition of "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna' get married." I wish I had more occasions to ask Jason to sing at. He's a true professional."
Thanx for giving me the opportunity to tell people how great we think Jason is.

Warmest regards, Kathryn Back

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